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Tough Age 2017

New Releases | Friday October 20th 2017

Darn near a hundred additions to the library today! Jump in and enjoy your weekend, CHRW!

New Releases

64044 Downchild Something I've Done Blues LP Linus Canada
64043 Russkaja Kosmopoliturbo World LP Napalm Austria
64042 Blazina, Holly Transcendencia World LP Self-Released Canada
64041 Sultans of String Christmas Caravan World LP Self-Released Canada
64040 Prime Time Big Band Live At the Ironwood Jazz LP Chronograph USA
64039 Charlap Trio, Bill Uptown Downtown Jazz LP Impulse! USA
64038 Heillig Manoeuvre Thoughtful Fun Jazz LP Self-Released Canada
64037 Kostur, Glenn The Way Of It Jazz LP Artist Alliance USA
64036 Langston Doobs Reflections Of Self Hip Hop/Rap LP Self-Released USA
64035 ECDubble The Double Up Reloaded Hip Hop/Rap LP Self-Released USA
64034 Moka Only Concert For One Hip Hop/Rap LP Urbnet Canada
64033 Def3 Small World Hip Hop/Rap LP Urbnet Canada
64032 Daneo Dear Hip Hop 20 Years Later Hip Hop/Rap LP Urbnet Canada
64031 Emotionz + Fresh Kils Childhoods Immortal Hip Hop/Rap LP Self-Released Canada
64030 Liima 1982 Electronic LP City Slang Denmark
64029 Whence Came Pestilence Rained A Ton Electronic LP Baffled Octopui Canada
64028 Valiska On Pause Electronic LP Trouble In Utopia Canada
64027 Tetrix Cassette Romance EP Electronic LP Odin Audio Canada
64026 Oliver Full Circle Electronic LP Interscope USA
64025 Kauf Regrowth Electronic LP Cutters USA
64024 Lien, Christen Elpis Electronic LP Self-Released USA
64023 Dreadnoughts, The Foreign Skies Punk LP Self-Released Canada
64022 Warcall Invaders Metal/Punk LP Plan B Canada
64021 Seaway Vacation Punk LP Dine Alone Canada
64020 Muddy Hack, The It Takes A Village Punk LP Booth Street Canada
64019 Lillingtons, The Stella Sapiente Punk LP Fat Wreck Chords USA
64018 Potato Rocket Grown Ass Adults Punk LP Rhodehouse Canada
64017 Neck Of The Woods The Passenger Metal/Punk LP Basick Canada
64016 Reckless Heroes, The Conflict Punk LP Self-Released Canada
64015 All The Time Everywhere All The Time Everywhere Punk LP Self-Released Canada
64014 Over The Moon Moondancer Country LP Self-Released Canada
64013 White Buffalo, The Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights Country LP Thirty Tigers USA
64012 Fisher, Kevin Beer Me Country LP 37 USA
64011 Skinny Dyck & Friends Twenty One-Nighters Country LP Self-Released Canada
64010 Little Miss Higgins My Home, My Heart Country LP Self-Released Canada
64009 Bentall, Barney The Drifter & The Preacher Country LP True North Canada
64008 Selkirk Range Reach Out To You Country LP Spicy Tomato Canada
64007 Sleepy Driver Sugar Skull Country LP Self-Released Canada
64006 Savage, Tom Everything Intertwined Folk/Roots LP Rabid Ear Canada
64005 Osrar, Adam Brawls In The Briar Folk/Roots LP Super Secret USA
64004 Billy Strings Turmoil & Tinfoil Folk/Roots LP Self-Released USA
64003 Padgett, Bett At The End Of The Day Folk/Roots LP Self-Released USA
64002 Veitch, Michael Wake Up Call Folk/Roots LP Burt Street USA
64001 Ye Banished Privateers First Night Back In Port Folk/Roots LP Napalm Sweden
64000 Sumi, Annie In The Unknown Folk/Roots LP Self-Released Canada
63999 Sandlin, Bryan Inner Sky EP Folk/Roots LP Tooseven USA
63998 Taillon, Rory Only Whispers Folk/Roots LP Self-Released Canada
63997 Hankins, Jeni The Oxygen Girl Folk/Roots LP Self-Released USA
63996 Martin, Jeffrey One Go Around Folk/Roots LP Fluff & Gravy USA
63995 Gambetta, Beppe Short Stories Folk/Roots LP Borealis Canada
63994 Jeremie & The Delicious Hounds 2 Open EP Self-Released Canada
63993 Jeremie & The Delicious Hounds 1 Open EP Self-Released Canada
63992 Sadgirl Volume Three Point Five Open LP Hard Feelings USA
63991 Various Artists Tiny Engines 2017 Open LP Tiny Engines USA
63990 Various Artists Going West Going East: A Guide To Guelph / Victoria Open LP Baffled Octopi Canada
63989 Gaulkin Clear Customs Open LP Self-Released Canada
63988 Clark, Astin Love & Self Loathing Open LP Self-Released Canada
63987 Kents, The Within Waves EP Open EP Self-Released Canada
63986 Nicholson, Vern Linden Tree Near The Water Open LP Self-Released Canada
63985 Roz And The Rice Cakes Devotion Open LP Team Love USA
63984 Paperhaus Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask? Open LP Misra USA
63983 Acid Tongue Babies Open LP Freakout USA
63982 Bartell, Jaye In A Time Of Trouble A Wild Exultation Open LP Sinderlyn USA
63981 Papillon, Gabriell Keep The Fire Open LP State 51 Conspiracy Canada
63980 Usse 231 Open LP Extra Final Canada
63979 Blue Hills I Scream Live Open EP Self-Released Canada
63978 Makthaverskan III Open LP Run For Cover Sweden
63977 Enter Shikari The Spark Open LP Play It Again Sam England
63976 Lea Mayfield, Jessica Sorry Is Gone Open LP ATO USA
63975 Tough Age Shame Open LP Mint Canada
63974 Bird City Winnowing Open LP Hoax Canada
63973 Roddy Walston And The Business, J Destroyers Of The Soft Life Open LP ATO USA
63972 Pack A.D., The Dollhouse Open LP Cadence Canada
63971 Vissia Place Holder Open LP Hurry Hard Canada
63970 Pluhar, Christina Handel Goes Wild Open LP WarnerClassics Australia
63969 Pratt, Dylan Still EP Open LP New Razor & Tie USA
63968 Casper Skulls Mercy Works Open LP Buzz Canada
63967 Kenney, Mo The Details Open LP Pheromone Canada
63966 Brood, The Transistor Open LP Turtlemusik Canada
63965 Front Bottoms, The Going Grey Open LP Fueled By Ramen USA
63964 McPherson, JD Undivided Heart And Soul Open LP New West Canada
63963 Skydiggers Warmth Of The Sun Open LP Latent Canada
63962 McCrady, Brett Drifting Through The Ordinary Open LP Self-Released Canada
63961 Weaves Wide Open Open LP Buzz Canada
63960 Walker, Lindsey This Desolate Bliss Open LP Self-Released Canada
63959 Heroic Enthusiasts, The The Heroic Enthusiasts Open LP Bodan Kuma USA
63958 Blue Sails Blue Sails Open LP Self-Released USA
63957 Sahunta, Josh Dissonance Open LP Self-Released Canada
63956 Jordan, Sass Racine Revisited Open LP Linus Canada
63955 Ballantyne, Patrick Calendar Open LP Self-Released Canada
63954 Melkbelly Nothing Valley Open LP Wax Nine USA
63953 A Devil's Din One Hallucination Under God Open LP Island Dive Canada
63952 Kickback, The Weddings & Funerals Open LP Jullian USA
63951 Barr Brothers, The Queens Of The Breakers Open LP Secret City Canada
63950 Julie & The Wrong Guys Julie & The Wrong Guys Open LP Dine Alone Canada
63949 Destroyer Ken Open LP Merge Canada
63948 Dirty Fences Goodbye Love Open LP Greenway USA
63947 Roadkill Ghost Choir False Youth Etcetera Open LP Freakout USA