Steve Bland
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The Tower Episode 1 – Steven Bland on Rationality and Relativism

Richard Raycraft

How can we gain knowledge about the world? Are our modern methods of "knowing" truly better, or even distinguishable, from the superstitions of our ancestors? What is rationality? Is our traditional idea of rationality misguided?

On the first episode of the tower, host Richard Raycraft speaks to Steven Bland, a philosophy professor at Huron University College.

Bland has won a number of teaching honours throughout his time at Huron. Known for his captivating lectures, Bland primarily teaches epistemology, the branch of philosophy concerned with knowledge and belief.

His research has focused on relativism and rationality. Earlier this semester, Bland delivered the Huron Homecoming lecture, titled, "Extended Rationality."

In this conversation, Bland explains what relativism is and why he's opposed to it. He also questions our traditional conception of rationality, and suggests that recent research in the social sciences points to a different way of thinking about it.

Hosted and produced by Richard Raycraft.

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